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Bottom round steak is often referred to as western steak, griller steak, Swiss steak and chuck arm, to name a few. Left alone, bottom round can be a tough bite to swallow but when properly marinated and thinly-sliced, after cooking, it becomes juicy and fork-tender. By following a few basic steps. Thin-sliced bottom round steaks can be cooked in a skillet, but it's easy to over-cook the meat and make the steaks tough. Bottom round steaks come from the beef rump, a tough cut of meat with connective tissue that is best broken down with moist cooking methods such as braising.

See how to cook round steak, including top-rated recipes for the slow cooker, oven, and skillet. Most Made Today Chinese Pepper Round Steak. Beef round steak smothered in a melange of tomato, carrot, celery, bell pepper, garlic, and onion makes a tasty, savory dinner entree. Bottom round steak is generally not a tender piece of meat because of its tough muscle and lack of fat. Because it's a lean cut, bottom round dries out and becomes tougher when cooked using a dry-heat method such as grilling. For a tender bottom round steak, cook it slowly in a Crock-Pot or a covered pan in the oven to infuse moisture.

Beef round steak is one of the leaner cuts of round beef you can choose. But due to the lack of fat, the steak can end up being tough and dry if you don't choose the right cooking method. Use a method that retains the natural juices of the cut, and you will end up with a more tender, flavorful steak. May 20, 2012 · I normally cook round steak similar to the way Carol did except instead of the beef broth, I use about a cup of water and a can of mushroom soup, and I simmer it on the stove top, not in the oven. After the steaks have been browned on both sides, I add the water and let the steaks simmer for about 20-30 minutes, occasionally scraping the bottom.

It is given the name “Bottom” because anatomically it is located underneath the Top Round and parallel with the Eye of Round. The cut location includes the main body and Ischiatic Head of the Biceps Femoris but not the Triangle shaped Rump.