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Jan 17, 2012 · I take domination/submission a relationship, a lifestyle, a state of mind, a loyalty to a particular someone. I don’t take it as a money game and I really can’t immediately drop to my kneels to any woman I first meet in a minute. Lifestyle Domination For those of you who are offended by, or simply can’t handle alternative sexuality, be aware that this post deals with the D/s lifestyle. You have been warned.Author: Step.

FEMDOM SUBMISSIVE MALE HUMILIATION GAMES; MALE CHASTITY DOMINATION STORY; I DOMINATE MY HUSBAND; CHASTITY STORIES: MALE CHASTITY a WEDDING STORY; STARTING A FEMDOM MARRIAGE; What to Expect from a Femdom Alpha Female in a Relationship; A Sissy Slave's Day to Day life with his Femdom Wife; Punishment Night Part 1; Our True Femdom Marriage Life. Female Supremacy & the Death of Heterosexuality. Women never need to make men happy. A woman uses a man as however she wishes. Orgasm denial, milking and ruined orgasms are part of a male’s routine maintenance. Sexual manipulation, whippings and humiliation keep men mindful of their inferior place in the cosmos.

Lifestyle Submissive Male Rules & Regulations. Good posture and decorum is a sign of respect. 5. The submale will never stare at a Woman without Her permission. Unless the Woman seeks eye-contact, the submissive will keep his eyes lowered at all times. 6. When walking with his Mistress, or any Woman, the submissive will keep his gait in step with hers, which usually means taking smaller steps.Author: Femdom Curator. FEMDOM LIFESTYLE. I'm a dominant woman who owns my husband. I believe in loving total female authority. I have taken on male & female lovers in the past. This blog is the exploration of the superior dominant female over the inferior submissive male. A lifestyle that Explores Traditional Roles Being Reversed. Ladies, take up The Lifestyle!