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Within our own clients’ stories, we’ve seen similar situations play out. Our work with Cephalon is a prime example of bottom-up thinking at work. Enveloped in a period of remarkable achievement, the company faced growth-induced challenges. In the face of this growth, the Research and Development department crafted key leadership promises. Communication about workplace practices helps achieve the desired outcomes for the employee and the organization in a variety of ways: Bottom-up communication (from employees to management) provides information about employee needs, values, perceptions and opinions.

Bottom-up communication. Myrna Milani. If the practice owner’s perceived communications problem is sufficient to undermine the efficiency of the staff and success of the practice, then it warrants a well-planned response. The content of such a response should be worked out and even practiced in advance. Few things can undermine a Author: Myrna Milani. Business communication is an integral part of the company's overall success. Top-down communication emphasizes managerial hierarchy and the methodical transfer of information from the highest levels in the organization to company's staff. One of the benefits of top-down communication is that leadership can use.

Communication to promote behaviours like energy saving can use significant resources. What is less clear is the comparative value of different approaches available to communicators. Bottom-up communication: identifying opportunities and limitations through an exploratory field-based evaluation. While it is generally agreed that Cited by: 14.