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Cancer in Young Women and Your Breast Health. I always thought breast cancer was a disease that only impacted women my mother or grandmothers age. But breast cancer is the most common cancer in women ages 15 to 39. The most common symptoms of breast cancer in young versus older women comes down to a lack of an effective breast cancer screening method for young women. While women who are 40 and over may have screening mammograms, we do not have a widespread effective tool for finding the disease in those under the age of 40.

Breast cancer is rare in young women. Fewer than 5 percent of all breast cancers diagnosed in the U.S. occur in women under 40. A breast cancer diagnosis is very shocking for young women. At a time in life most often focused on family and career, issues of treatment, recovery and survivorship suddenly take top priority. Prognosis. Emotional Support When you are diagnosed with breast cancer, the immediate focus will be on treatment. It is important, however, for you not to lose sight .

Breast Cancer Support Young Women June 21 · A former Wairarapa woman diagnosed with breast cancer when she was just 26 years old is hoping to spread awareness and raise funds for young women diagnosed with the “big C” at a lunch this weekend.Followers: 385. Description. This is a face-to-face group at our New York City location for women between the ages of 20-39 years old who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Young and Strong Program for Young Women with Breast Cancer Support. A social worker can provide one-on-one counseling sessions throughout treatment. Education. Young women are often eager to learn about their cancer and how to navigate their . Oct 20, 2017 · Rethink: Bringing Breast Cancer Support to Young Women. Tasha Westerman is Long View’s Senior Vice President of People Services, and when she was in her early 30’s she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.