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Funniest Dirty Hair Color Jokes. "You must be new," says the hairy man, "it's a rule that if you fart, it implies that you called for me." The huge man easily spins him around, bends him over a bench and has his way with him. The Internet Joke Database 79/91(91). Best Yo Mama So Hairy Jokes interactive top ten list at TheTopTens®. Vote, add to, or comment on the Best Yo Mama So Hairy Jokes. Best Yo Mama So Hairy Jokes haha very funny man wer di you ge the joke fro you made the very funny joke you should say that on the news that was funny men love to see anouther joke of yours some day.

Yo mama so hairy you almost died of rugburn at birth! Yo mama so hairy she look like she got Buckwheat, Bob Marley and Don King in a headlock. yo momma so hairy that when the fly flew into her bush,the fly sang, "In The Jungle The Mighty Jungle The Lion's Sleep Tonight, In The Jungle The Mighty Jungle I Want 2 See It Tonight.". May 11, 2010 · I'm hairy, so it is ok. hairy people rocks, leading cause for plumbers to get rich. I'm too hairy, my face and my back head is same. I'm too hairy, I don't need a dental floss. I'm too hairy, I shave with grass mower. I'm too hairy, you lost your pet in my hair, and 10 days past until rescuers found it.Status: Open.

Q: What's hairy on the outside, wet on inside, starts with a "c" and ends in a "t'? A: A coconut -- and you should be ashamed of yourself. The Pentagon announced today the formation of a new 500 man elite fighting unit called the US REDNECK SPECIAL FORCES (USRSF). These Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas and West Virginia boys will be dropped into Iraq and will be given the following facts about Terrorists:34/54(54).