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A person who has too little adult growth hormone will have symptoms that include: A higher level of body fat, especially around the waist. Anxiety and depression. Decreased sexual function and interest. Fatigue. Feelings of being isolated from other people. Greater sensitivity to heat and. Adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD) is being recognized increasingly and has been thought to be associated with premature mortality. Pituitary tumors are the commonest cause for AGHD. Growth hormone deficiency (GHD) has been associated with neuropsychiatric-cognitive, cardiovascular, neuromuscular, metabolic, and skeletal abnormalities.Cited by: 10.

Here are some other growth hormone deficiency symptoms in children: Child's face may appear younger than children who are the same age. Delayed puberty—but sometimes a child won't go through puberty. Increased fat around the face and stomach. Mild to . Growth hormone deficiency (GHD) is a rare condition in which the body does not make enough growth hormone (GH). GH is made by the pituitary gland, a small organ at the base of the brain. In children, GH is essential for normal growth, muscle and bone strength, and distribution of body fat.

A growth hormone deficiency (GHD) occurs when the pituitary gland doesn’t produce enough growth hormone. It more commonly affects children than adults. The pituitary gland is a small gland about the size of a pea. It’s located at the base of the skull and secretes eight hormones. Some of these hormones control thyroid activity and body temperature.Author: Joann Jovinelly. Oct 25, 2016 · For adults who have a growth hormone deficiency, injections of human growth hormone can: Increase exercise capacity; Increase bone density; Increase muscle mass; Decrease body fat; Human growth hormone is also approved to treat adults with AIDS- or HIV-related muscle wasting.