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As assed by flexural rigidity, the adult VSC does alter substantially its shaft stiffness from being as floppy as a pediatric colonoscope to as stiff as a standard adult colonoscope at its distal 50 cm. Graphic representations of tensile force and flexural rigidity are comparable. 17 x 17 Brooker, JC, Saunders, BP, Shah, SG, and Williams, CB.Cited by: 53. Jun 01, 2000 · BACKGROUND Colonoscopy remains technically difficult in 10–20% of procedures due to variable colonic anatomy and fixation. The ability to vary endoscope shaft flexibility may help insertion to the caecum. METHODS Consecutive patients attending for day case colonoscopy were randomised to examination with either the conventional Olympus CF200HL (200HL) or a new variable stiffness (VS) colonoscope.Cited by: 156.

The variable-stiffness colonoscope (VSC), which can be incorporated into the standard adult and pediatric colonoscope chasses, has a stiffness control ring with dial setting that ranges from 0 to 3. The endoscopist can adjust the relative flexibility of the scope’s insertion tube.Cited by: 18. Variable stiffness colonoscope versus regular adult colonoscope: meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials Othman MO, Bradley AG, Choudhary A, Hoffman RM, Roy PK CRD summary This review found that variable stiffness colonoscope was associated with a .

Oct 24, 2012 · The variable-stiffness colonoscope (VSC) appears to have advantages over the standard adult colonoscope (SAC), although data are conflicting. To provide a comprehensive up-to-date review, we conducted a meta-analysis to compare the efficacies of the VSC and SAC. Electronic databases, including PubMed, EMBASE, the Cochrane library and the Science Citation Index, were Cited by: 18. Methods: The VSC (Olympus America XPCF-140AL) has the diameter of a pediatric colonoscope (11.3 mm) with the ability to increase the stiffness of the shaft on demand to avoid excessive looping. It was used to immediately reattempt colonoscopy in all patients who failed colonoscopy to the cecum with the standard adult colonoscope (SAC).