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Ms. Aria - About Adult Discipline - Professional Adult Disciplinarian. Adult Discipline, (or Spanking Therapy, Corporal Punishment, Mentoring, whatever term you prefer -- they're all basically interchangeable), is a form of behavior modification that can be extremely effective in helping you to. Positively Spanking offers a different approach to discipline. I understand that many people need corporal punishment in their lives, men and women of all ages and backgrounds. I understand that we all have issues in our lives we would like to work on or situations in which we need to find motivation.

ASSUME THE POSITION: EXPLORING DISCIPLINE RELATIONSHIPS by MELISSA TRAVIS Under the Direction of Wendy S. Simonds ABSTRACT Discipline relationships are consensual adult relationships between submissive and dominant partners who employ authority and corporal punishment. This population uses social media to. Oct 12, 2008 · Best Answer: The real answer is both. Considering the fact that it must be consensual, many men and women seek spanking as punishment. I've never known an adult who wants or needs, yes needs, to be spanked, not to have sexual feelings when it actually happens, but on the other hand their main purpose and desire for the spanking is to be punished.Status: Open.

The Advantages of Corporal Punishment in Schools. Even though some parents and school boards argue that corporal punishment has a negative effect on the learning environment, some believe there are advantages such as deterrence, immediacy, alignment with parents' discipline measures and lost cost. Advocates of. A fictional story of erotic spanking between two adults. A tgirl mistress uses a young man as her plaything. A college boy is disciplined by his master. A spy kidnap fantasy becomes frighteningly real. Victor suffers corporal punishment for lying to his wife. and other exciting erotic at!